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SAFEWAY's main aim is to design, validate and implement holistic methods, strategies, tools and technical interventions to significantly increase the resilience of inland transport infrastructure. SAFEWAY leads to significantly improved resilience of transport infrastructures by developing a holistic toolset with transversal application to anticipate and mitigate the effects extreme events at all modes of disaster cycle:

María Varela
Head of the ICT & Innovation department Insitu Engineering (Spain)
Ben Rutten
Owner of BeTR Ben Rutten Technology Research and Director Program Board of the Eindhoven AI Systems Institute (EAISI) (The Netherlands)
Rade Hajdin
President of IMC GmbH Zürich
Nikola Tanasic
Expert in risk & reliability assessment and management of bridges at IMC GmbH Zürich (Switzerland).
Andre van Delft
CEO and expert in Real Estate Information Management, at DEMO Consultants (The Netherlands).
Vincenzo Massimi
Expert in geomatics and civil and environmental engineering at Planetek Italia (Italy).
Modera: Pedro Arias Sánchez
Coordinator of Applied Geotechnologies Research Group. University of Vigo