Questions and answers 18 de out. de 2021

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Questions and answers

SAFEWAY leads to significantly improved resilience of transport infrastructures, developing a holistic toolset with transversal application to anticipate and mitigate the effects extreme events at all modes of disaster cycle

Presenta: Francisco Ganhão
Responsible of the Innovation Department at Infraestruturas of Portuga
Sara Cuerva
Project Manager of the Innovation Department of Ferrovial Construction
Vincenzo Massimi
Senior Technical Specialist Rheticus. Planetek Italia S.r.l.
Armando Cerqueira
Public Switching, Network Operations Center and Optical Networks specialist. NSOC, Departamento de Manutenção, IP Telecom
Rade Hajdin
Founder and the President of IMC GmbH Zürich
Nikola Tanasic
Project manager at IMC GmbH Zürich.
Maurijn Neumann
Software developer at DEMO Consultants.

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