Cultural Translation and Native American Literary Criticism 18 Mar, 2011

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Cultural Translation and Native American Literary Criticism

Plenary Speaker

Bridging the Gaps, Minding the Context is a conference with a twofold motivation: firstly, the need to promote research activities created for and by Postgraduate and PhD students at the University of Vigo; and secondly, the wish to make visible the position of those students who are active members of the academic community. Therefore, this conference will be an opportunity to assist with the presentation of a series of research projects which Postgraduate and PhD students are currently carrying out in various home universities. This will be done in an open context in order to provide them with the possibility of discovering and exploring a number of avenues of research that other scholars, Postgraduates and PhD students are focused on at this moment in the field of literary studies. This conference aims to be an interdisciplinary meeting where scholars, Postgraduates and PhD students, working in different fields, will have the opportunity to reflect and contrast opinions and interests within an academic atmosphere. In order to reach this objective, this conference will combine panels and plenary lectures in an attempt to promote the participant’s mobility and in order to assist with academic interaction between scholars, Postgraduates and PhD students, which is the underlying aim of this conference.

Presenta: Belén Martín Lucas
Docente e investigadora do Departamento de Filoloxía Inglesa, Francesa e Alemá, Universidade de Vigo
Maggie Ann Bowers
University of Portsmouth
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