Presentation of Margaret Kelleher 25 de out. de 2019

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Presentation of Margaret Kelleher

The plenary lecture by Margaret Kelleher from University College Dublin, opened the International Colloquium "Inconvenient Truths: Silences, Scandals and Secrets in Modern Ireland" organized by Teresa Caneda, PI of "INTRUTHS: Cultural Practices of Silence in Contemporary Irish Fiction" . Prof. Kelleher is the author of The Maamtrasna Murders, a book which addresses a highly contentious case in the history of Ireland, the unfair trial of the Irish monoglot Myles Joyce, executed for a crime he did not commit . In her talk Prof. Kelleher explores the "silence" produced by language barriers and the "inconvenient truths" behind the official narrative about the language shift in eighteenth-and nineteenth century Ireland.
Serie: Language at the Bar: Law and the Interpreter in Ireland, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Professor Margaret Kelleher
Chair of Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama, University College Dublin
Cooordina: Teresa Caneda, IP do Proxecto INTRUTHS FFI2017-84619-P AEI/FEDER,UE

M. Teresa Caneda-Cabrera
University of Vigo