Presentation of Ms. Fátima Al-Shahrour 1 de xul. de 2019

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Presentation of Ms. Fátima Al-Shahrour

195 specialists (117 women and 78 men) from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Chile, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Italy participate in the third edition of the Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Research Center (Cinbio) on Monday and Tuesday. In this event, organized by postdoctoral research staff from this Singular Research Center of Galicia, 23 presentations will be presented, as well as poster sessions and communications by hand from both international speakers and guests reflecting “the character of our cancer research center, nanomaterials, bioinformatics, biostatistics, immunology, chemical synthesis and other disciplines addressed by Cinbio ”.

Presenta: Hugo López-Fernández
Next Generation Computer Systems Group

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