Presentation of Pedro Campoy Lopez 1 de out. de 2019

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Presentation of Pedro Campoy Lopez

Café con Sal” (Coffe with Salt) conference cycle is a program developed by the Marine Research Center of the University of Vigo (CIM-UVigo) since 2011 that aims to provide a meeting point for all who develop part of their research work in the facilities of the Marine Toralla Station (ECIMAT, CIM-UVigo), a place to promote knowledge sharing, to generate debate and new ideas and to foster collaboration. It consists of monthly, half hour, open and participative conferences about diverse subjects around marine research. The conferences take place in the conference room of the ECIMAT every first and third Tuesday of each month (exceptions apply) between 11:00 and 11:40h.

Presenta: Alba Hernández Otero
Personal técnico, CIM Centro de Investigación Mariña

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